Epomaker GK68XS Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

      The cult behind mechanical keyboards is deep - and for good reason too. Mechanical switches deliver an unmistakable satisfaction that traditional membrane keyboards can never provide

      Each key stroke provides a sure tactile sensation and click, with much further key travel and quicker response than traditional membrane keyboards. This ensures that each word you type is accurate, without ever having to worry about having put down the wrong letter. Additionally, the ergonomics of mechanical keyboards and their switches provide much more comfort that is safer on the wrists and fingers. Your work and gaming experience will absolutely change with a mechanical keyboard. You may even find yourself enjoying long typing sessions on your next assignment! Once you try a quality mechanical keyboard, you can never go back!

Advanced Space Bar Module

      The GK68 Space Key Module will provide you with an endless customization. Whether it's a single key or a split spacebar style to best fit your typing preference and feel, the GK68XS is here to take your gaming and daily work to the next level.

Fully Programmable Layout

      You can reprogram any key on the keyboard to make custom macros and also add layers for extra function. To further personalize your typing experience, the advanced three-switch space bar can be converted into one space bar + FN2 and FN3 keys, to expand up to three FN function keys. Your macros and layout mapping will forever revolutionize how you interact with your program softwares and games. 

Wired or Wireless - The choice is yours!

      Designed for versatility, the GK68XS is also available in two models: the GK68X and the GK68XS. The GK68XS can connect via Bluetooth for wireless connectivity or with the included Type-C USB cable. With Bluetooth 5.1, it easily connects seamlessly with your phone, laptop, or tablet. Connect wirelessly with up to three devices at once, and easily switch between devices for efficient multitasking and speedy performance. And with just a simple switch on the slide toggle, you can quickly switch between operating system layouts on the GK68XS. The GK68 is a wired keyboard for a more traditional setup, and features every aspect of the GK68XS, minus the wireless connectivity. The GK68 is a perfect match for those who do not require a wireless setup. 

      The GK68XS is now hot-swappable! A rare feature among mechanical keyboards, this means you can easily change out your mechanical switches for a different type, without any soldering or effort. Want a different typing feel or sound? Simply change out the switches, and you can have a completely different tactile experience! This also extends the lifespan of the keyboard as you can easily switch out the components without throwing out the entire keyboard.  

      To appease every customer, we have provided two of the most popular and renowned brands for mechanical keyboards - Cherry MX and Gateron! Each is popular for the unique feel and long-lasting lifespan of the switches. You can rest assured that your GK68XS is manufactured with the best and most reliable mechanical switches out there! 

      The GK68XS is fully compatible with every operating system (OS) from Mac/iOS to Android and Windows, and you can easily switch between the different OS with just the flip of a switch. The GK68XS is one of the few mechanical keyboards featuring the Mac layout media keys for the comprehensive integration of the UI. It allows you to use all of the same media keys as a conventional macOS keyboard, but with the unparalleled typing satisfaction of mechanical switches. Every GK68XS keyboard comes with 3 specific keycaps for Mac and Windows, respectively. Compatible with every version of each operating system. 

Durable Construction, Lightweight Portability 

      The GK68XS was designed to be a mobile and compact device for any setting. The lightweight body is constructed from precision CNC aluminum or ABS plastic to maximize durability and tactile satisfaction. Both materials build to provide a stable and firm foundation, no matter how hard you type. The ABS plastic provides a slightly lighter and more portable experience with the benefit of a more affordable price point. The full aluminum option is a more premium feature that is hard sought after by mechanical keyboard communities. Championed over plastic frames, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts have always loved the aluminum body for its durability, as well as the distinct tactile feel and sound that no plastic body can reproduce. The frames were designed with a low profile for a streamlined look that complements any setup, and easy on the wrist even without any wrist pads. 

      The small footprint makes it easy to carry around with you everywhere, and unlike many foldable Bluetooth keyboards, the GK68XS offers the best of portability without compromising the premium typing experience of a mechanical keyboard. Plus, with a fully customizable keycap setup, you can easily change out the keys to fit your aesthetics and typing feel.

      To maximize the full functionality of the GK68XS’s features, we have integrated a 32-bit M3 MCU chipset with onboard 8M Flash Memory, and 3 channel 256 professional-level RGB color management chip. Your keyboard programming and macro customizations will be seamless, and you can be sure of smooth user experience. 

      The biggest customization for your GK68XS will be the type of mechanical switch you choose. This will determine how your keyboard will feel and sound when you type. Do you want something that has a distinct “click-clack” feel or something is smooth and gliding? Do you want your key types to be loud and “clicky” or silent for the office? With our selection of Gateron and Cherry MX switches, you can choose the perfect typing sensation for you! 


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