A Music Detecting Mood Light with Bluetooth Low Energy

      Particle's enchantment originates from 40 multicolor LEDs. Every one of which can show a shading autonomous of the others. Around these LEDs is a strong acrylic tube, which contains light diffusing film. This smooths out the cruelty of the light, while likewise taking into account the blending of hues. We planned Ion to be constrained by cell phone, yet additionally needed clients to associate with it by contact. Consequently, we demanded aluminum tops accuracy cut by means of PC control. Each top is anodized for a lovely completion that ensures against scratches. Presently, changing modes is as basic as tapping the head of ION. 

      It's one thing to order Ion yourself, yet consider the possibility that ION could put on a light act to your preferred music. We included a receiver and composed programming to do only that. Particle adores music as much as you do. With an implicit amplifier, ION synchronizes with your main tunes and puts on an act. In music mode, every tune you play has a one of a kind "shading profile" produced on the fly. Low frequencies produce reds, mids produce greens, and highs produce blues. Each time a beat is identified (kick drum, bass, and so forth), you'll see a brilliant beat of light. Utilizing the application, you can tweak the accentuation of each shading as you see fit. On the off chance that you happen to be a performer, you'll love playing with ION sitting close by. 

      Out of the crate, ION ships with in excess of 15 base dispositions, each completely adaptable with the ION application. Disposition alternatives incorporate shading, speed, splendor, and a few others. Altered mind-sets are spared and put away on your ION. We'll keep including extra states of mind as the Kickstarter advances and after ION ships. Look at a couple of our top picks! Indeed, even without a cell phone, ION is anything but difficult to utilize. Basically tap the machined aluminum top to go through temperaments. We call this the turn. Utilizing the ION portable application, you can without much of a stretch include, evacuate, and alter states of mind in your revolution. More detail beneath. 

Application Control - We at present have a stripped down Android application that can control ION and send it warnings, and a no frills iOS application. We are currently during the time spent structure both the Android and iOS applications. This incorporates structuring an instinctive UI, visual communication, and programming improvement. The accompanying highlights are right now being created, with additional to come. 

Disposition Browser - The state of mind program permits you to discover new mind-sets and tweak them. Swiping here and there on the program loads feeling new. You'll quickly observe ION show the chose state of mind. Numerous states of mind likewise have adjustable settings (shading, brilliance, speed, and so on). Simply swipe to one side and watch ION change as you play with each setting. 

Mind-set Rotation - Out of the case, most states of mind are available by just tapping the head of Ion. Each tap hops to the following state of mind in your turn. Altering the temperaments in this revolution is simple with the ION application. Simply discover a disposition in the temperament program, alter any settings to communicate your mind-set, and tap the "add to revolution" button. In the event that the state of mind is as of now in your turn, the "expel from revolution" catch will be obvious. Have the same number of or as hardly any mind-sets in your revolution as you wish. 

Mix Mode - No compelling reason to choose one state of mind. Turn on mix to have ION switch between mind-sets at regular intervals. The mix term can likewise be designed from the application. 

Chain mode - Assuming you keep your telephone on you, empowering rope mode will permit ION to know whether you're close by. Particle will naturally turn itself on when it recognizes your quality. Leave and ION powers itself down to monitor power. 

Android Notification Bar - Control ION while never opening the application. Empower warning bar control to turn ION on/off and switch between temperaments whenever you're close to your ION. 

Climate and Time - Using your telephone's Internet association, ION imitates the climate conditions outside. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you like, ION will show your day by day conjecture. Contingent upon the hour of day, you may even observe the sun or stars come out. 

Firmware Updates - We wouldn't need you to pass up any new highlights or states of mind we include after you get your ION, so we've incorporated the capacity to remotely apply refreshes. When the application recognizes you are running a more established firmware rendition, you'll be provoked to refresh to the best in class


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